My Way with Beliefs

July 25, 2009


eliminating self-limiting beliefs


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”


Our beliefs should be tools that empower ourselves instead of a limitation to achieve our highest potential.

Dearest friends, do you feel at times being stuck and unable to move forward, having arrived at a situation where you are faced with limited choices that don’t even serve you at all.

Are you defeated, or have you resigned to its will? Tucking it all beneath your comfort pillow, and hoping for the miracle fairy to arrive won’t improve the situation. Is there even a solution?

We would like to bring you on a journey of soul-discovery, to acknowledge your realities, your hopes and fears; what starts your day with a sparkle on your face, and what gives you those sleepless nights. Empowerment starts from within and our very beliefs that shape everyday of our lives.

Discover who you can be.
Discover who you are.

Let us walk together and leave our regrets behind.

The Menu:

~ Our Journey through Life
~ Beliefs that blind us
~ Having Awareness
~ Invisible Options
~ The Golden Soul

Workshops dates:

Every fortnight, please call Barry @ 96356353 to check proper dates =)

Energy Exchange:

SGD 24 (admin fee)
+ freewill LOVE donation

To register:

Please come down personally to Going OM (open everyday, 1400hrs til late) to make payment (admin fee) and confirm a place in the workshop, first- come, first-served basis.
Alternatively, please call Barry @ 9635 6353.

There will be a complimentary tea session after each workshop to help you address some issues that you maybe facing. It will be a time of sharing for everyone and an opportunity for one-on-one healing.

Choices that are presented to you should never be few but infinite and abundant.

Decision-making should never be difficult and tiresome but fun, engaging and simple.

Love & Blessings
The OM Team

Do check out the past workshops comments on the wall!

As ‘My Way with Beliefs’ is the first in the series of three workshops, do look out for the next workshop on the subject of ‘letting go’!


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