‘Flea & Fun’ Raiser

August 14, 2009
Just Another Excuse to Partay!!!

Just Another Excuse to Partay!!!

~ 29th August 2009, 12pm -10pm ~

Hosted by: Going OM @ 63 Haji Lane
Collab with: JAE2P & Positive Projects

Dear Go OMmers!

From the crew that brought you ‘Schools In Nepal Fundraiser’, we’re back with a bigger and better all-day event: ‘Flea & Fun’ Raiser!

Greta and Daphne went over to Changmai and came across Sunshine Home, a small establishment run by a local school director for less privileged hill tribe orphans.

The hill tribe people considered 2nd rate citizens, but by law, all children are given free education by the Thai Government. However, many stay in remote inaccessible places where dirt trails become muddy rivers over the monsoon.

Sunshine Home currently houses 8 hill tribe girls aged between 12 to 16, most of whom are too poor to afford daily meals, school materials and uniforms. It is encouraging though, that under the car of Mr Wit Chai and his wife, the two 16-year-old students have received scholarships for further education.

Mr Wit Chai and his wife shelters and feeds these girls for the duration of the school term (9 months). They have 2 daughters of their own. Mr Wit Chai pays for everything out of his own pockets and receives no funding from the government.

The future plans for Sunshine Home is to expand and eventually house up to 60 hill tribe orphans, but for now, we will do what we can to help with feeding them first.

Let’s put things into perspective here. This is how much it would cost to feed a child – approximately SGD$1 a day. It’s ridiculous isn’t it?

6 Baht – Breakfast
12 baht – Lunch
12 Baht – Dinner

So please do come on over for our ‘Flea & Fun’ Raiser! if you wish to set up a stall, it’s only $47. If not, just come on down and enjoy the great deals and all the activities we’ve got lined up for the evening!

The entire Haji Lane will be closed for us to hold our flea market. All the flea market stalls will be along the entire Haji Lane, and they’re now available for booking!

Each stall costs $47 and it will be funding the causes we support and future events like organizing educational trips and workshops for orphans.

The time will be from 11am (startup) till 11pm. When the sky turns dark, and we’ll be having even more activities after that! Drinks special, date auctions, musical performances, tribal drummers and fire spinners then take center stage.

Each stall will be 2m by 1m and whoever makes payment first gets dibs on stall location. No tables or chairs will be provided. Stall owners are to bring their own mats/tables/racks.

Stall booking will be confirmed upon payment. Deadline for payment: 15 August 2009 2359hrs.

To book, email Weiyan at cheeweiyan@gmail.com

Please note that we do accept donations and official receipts will be issued for those of you who wish to contribute monetary donations. Thank you!!

Love & Blessings
The OM Team.


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