Flea N Fun Raised A Very Well Done

September 27, 2009

flea n fun 2

Dear OMers

We manged to conduct a road closure on Haji Lane on the 29th of August to have a flea market fundraiser to support Sunshine Home, a small establishment in Changmai, Thailand for less privileged hill tribe orphans. The day was filled with joyous smiles radiating from all corners of the street and some wonderful live musical performances, the highlight being the Voodoo Drums group. First of all we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the people on Haji Lane who came and supported the Flea and Fun Raiser and made the event possible. A big thanks to Barry Tan barry black n white from Going Om for conceptualizing, organizing and making the event a success. Thank you to all the stall owners and tenants on Haji Lane for supporting the event and helping to raise funds for Sunshine Home. For those of you who came for the event, we would love to hear some feedback from you on your thoughts about the event. Any general comments, suggestions or criticisms are more than welcomed for the team at Going Om. Let us know if you had fun, if you thought certain aspects could have been improved or whether you want us to organize another one. Please do share your ideas and thoughts with us and a big THANK YOU once again to everyone who made the Flea N Fun the successful fun event that it was.

black n whitejoshtian 2sunglass crewblack n white 2

Thanks to Stephen Lew for all the Photos

Love & Blessings

The Om Team


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