An evening with Musical Peace Ambassador Jason Carter

October 23, 2009

Jason and Aravind

Dear Omers,

We were fortunate to have a Musical Peace Ambassador, Jason Carter, perform for us at Om with his wonderful Harp Guitar. He even invited a Veena player, Aravinth Kumarasamy, to perform an Indian composition that they did together at a concert in the Esplanade. It was a magical performance and we were all moved by his remarkable compositions. Before playing a song, Jason shared with us an anecdote story about the inspiration behind each piece. He played a piece for us called “Recreation” which was inspired by how he accidentally chopped off the index finger on his left hand with a kitchen knife 2 years ago. This happened on an island off the Baltic Sea with 40 people and no professional medical help. To cut a long story short, the finger was sowed back on after 12 hours at a hospital on the mainland, but it was too late. A week later it fell off and he chucked it in the bin. It grew back after a period of 2 months but he wasn’t able to use his index finger to play guitar for half a year. So “Recreation,” a marvelous track, was composed from using the remaining fingers that he was able to use to play guitar.

Jason Carter

If you want to know more about Jason and his music you can visit his myspace at http://www.myspace.com/jasoncarterguitar

Thank you Jason for your celestial music and your charming disposition, and to all those who attended for making it  such a magical evening…

Love and Blessings from all at OM!!!


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