Wataru Kousaka performs with Stereo Sanshin and Sarod

October 23, 2009


Dear Omers

Japanese musician Wataru Kousaka performed live for us at Om on the 17th of October. He played a traditional Japanese instrument called a Stereo Sanshin. The instrument is a simple 3 stringed instrument that almost resembles a banjo and uses nylon strings. He played the Sanshin with a delay pedal producing a unique sound. He had extraordinary control over his rhythm. He also played a classical Indian instrument the Sarod and is completely self taught. He used the bow of a Chinese instrument, the Erhu, on the Sarod to produce an exquisite haunting sound.

We packed the upstairs with over 20 people and it was a very meditative and enchanting evening. There were two sets where the Stereo Sanshin and the Sarod were played with a 20 minutes interval in between. We had people spending their last cent in their pocket just to come watch the performance and loved it so much that they wanted to buy the CDs but had no money!!! So they borrowed from others to pay for the CD! hehe… you know who you are….

It was a very cosy evening with food and drinks served throughout the performance and the audience were very respectful as in knowing when to slurp and munch, so there was no disturbance to the entire performance nor atmosphere. People then stayed on and hung out till late in our newly refurbished ‘upstairs’!!!

CIMG1771Thank you Wataru for your beautiful music and unassuming position.

Thank you Yuzuru Maeda for helping us arrange the concert for Wataru.

And Thank you to all who came and made it an enchanting evening…

If you want to know more about Wataru Kousaka and his music his myspace address is http://www.myspace.com/watarukousaka

Love and blessings from all of us at Om


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