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July 25, 2009
Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Do you happen to be one of those who ‘fight’ for time to sleep a little longer, meet deadlines at work, be with loved ones or do the things you love, and wish you have more than 24 hours? Or are you feeling you play ‘catching up’ on most days?

As a yoga teacher, passionate about living a balanced life and doing whatever I do with joy and aliveness, I too face challenges like everyone else with commitments. I too need reminders about taking a breather and letting myself relax. Whenever I surrender to the flow, trust and relax, I can clear my mind and listen to the voice of my intuition and inner guidance. It is also a reminder that to take a breather is having faith in the divine order of life.

Yogi Bhajan, my teacher, said “If nothing else … teach people to breathe and to relax.” I am blessed with tools that support me to manage in a calmer and balanced manner so that I create a peaceful environment, sustain loving relationships and connect to meaning in my life.

I am teaching the next set of 4 sessions of Kundalini Yoga at Going Om and I invite you to give yourself a breather. Whether you have done yoga before or not, come and give yourself an experience of Kundalini Yoga,(as taught by Yogi Bhajan). We meet every Monday at 7.15 pm for 1.5 hours at Going Om.

Kundalini Yoga is focused on awareness and we use breathing, mudras (sacred gestures), asanas (postures), mantras (sound vibrations), and meditation. Like all other forms of yoga aimed at union of body and mind, you get to learn to relax, feel better physically, have the energy and enthusiasm to handle what you need in your life, gain emotional balance and mental control in challenges.

For more information on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, please visit the following websites
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Association (IKYTA),
Kundalini Research Insitute,

I have also appended a short write up of myself so you can get a sense of who I am and what I bring to a class. If this speaks to you, then I invite you to give Barry a call at 9635-6353 and reserve your space for the class.
I look forward to serving you and growing together.



Class details:

Every Monday (from 27th July), 1915hrs-2100hrs

To register:

Please come down personally to Going OM (open everyday, 1400hrs til late) to make payment (class fee) and confirm a place in the class, first- come, first-served basis. Alternatively, please call Gennet @ 90258219 or Barry @ 96356353

Energy Exchange:

SGD 100 for 4 sessions, Drop in sessions at SGD 35.

Class Details:

This block of classes is for beginners and for those kundalini yoga enthusiasts who have been with Gennet in previous classes and workshops.

Preparation for Class:

1. Eat 1.5 hours before your class time, if you must eat. Recommend a fruit or
something light.

2. Wear loose cotton clothing that allows you to stretch comfortably, preferably

3. Bring your Yoga Mat, your own water bottle and a small towel, and yoga blanket
(a shawl) will also do. The yoga blanket is optional and is used either to provide
support when you are sitting or as covering when you are meditating. As far as
possible, use either silk or cotton. This allows energy flow.



About Gennet Song

Gennet is a warm, compassionate woman. Some may describe her as an ambitious go-getter but friends who know her intimately will say that she is defined by her care for people. She is passionate about walking her talk and creating meaning in her own life and others. She lives her dream of touching lives through her time in workshops in schools, yoga classes and healing work, and goes to bed each night satisfied that she’s given all she can or know how. The eldest of a family of 3, Gennet took care of her younger sister and brother when her parents died. She became their mother, father, brother, sister, friend and confidant. This family responsibility put her own dreams on hold till her siblings were independent. After her first taste and experience of transformational workshops, her passion for the healing arts and personal growth was ignited. Now 15 years later, she sees all the tools she has gathered and her own life experiences as her treasure chest which she wants to share with those who wants to grow and live fully and passionately. The yoga mat is just one of the ways she brings life lessons to her students. She often reminds her students it’s not what they can do on the mat, but who they become and are in the world using what they learn on the mat. And when her clients walk out of her door knowing they have a right to live their dreams and go passionately after them, it makes her heart sings. Her heart-song is that each of us deserves to shine and when we do so, we allow others to do the same.

Qualifications and Experience

Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, USA and The International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, USA.

Professional Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australia and certified in Body Therapies with the Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Australia.

Isis Lotus Healing Levels 1 with Ferlin Jeyatissa, healer and Authorized Teacher of Isis Lotus Healing System and Isis Lotus Healing Level 2 with Elisabeth Jensen, founder of the Isis Lotus Healing System

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® approved by The American Board of NLP, USA

Varied working experience in the last 15 years including facilitating transformational work, managing holistic retreat, graduate relations and leadership coaching